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Job interview questions

Interview questions for Seamstress include samples as below. You can read more at No 3 at the end of this post to create interview questions by yourself.

1. Sample interview questions to ask Seamstress

a. Interview questions to ask about you

• Tell me about yourself?
• What is your greatest weakness?
• What is your greatest strength?
• Describe a typical work week for position: Seamstress?
• Do you take work home with you?

b. Interview questions to ask about work history

• Name of company, position title and description, dates of employment.
• What major challenges and problems did you face for position: Seamstress?
• What did you like or dislike about your previous job?
• What was it like working for your supervisor?
• Who was your best boss and who was the worst for position: Seamstress?
• Why are you leaving your job for position: Seamstress?

c. Interview questions to ask about new job

• What interests you about position: Seamstress?
• Why do you want this job: Seamstress?
• What applicable attributes / experience do you have for position: Seamstress?
• What can you do for this company?
• Why should we hire you for position: Seamstress?

d. Interview questions to ask about future/career development

• What are you looking for in your next job?
• What are your goals for the next five years/ten years for position: Seamstress?
• How do you plan to achieve those goals?

e. A list of interview questions about salary, benefits

• How much money do you need to make to be happy for position: Seamstress?
• What kind of salary are you looking for position: Seamstress?
• What factors besides salary are important in making up your mind on a position within different companies for position: Seamstress?

2. Sample key duties of Seamstress

• Alter and repair garments, and linens according to department policies.
• Operate all machinery in a safe and efficient manner.
• Report uniform quality and maintenance problems to the Director of Human Resources.
• Submit purchase requisitions for approval alteration supplies.
• Reports any safety hazards to assigned supervisor.

3. How to develop interview questions for Seamstress?

To create samples of interview questions

First step: Identify functions of department.

Second step: Identify tasks of Seamstress.

Third step: Identify factors then create interview questions

• How to do each task?
• What are outputs of this position and of each task?
• How to appraise performance of each task?
• What are knowledge, skills, experience, abilities needed for each task?

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